Blind Buys: Valentina Assoluto


Notes: Italian bergamot, peach, white truffle, tuberose, jasmine, Madagascar vanilla, oakmoss, patchouli, and cedar.

Serious perfumistas know better than to make a purchase sight un-sniffed, as it were. And yet, I think we’ve all done it. Whatever the reason is, pretty packaging, a good name, or just the need for instant gratification, we’ve all been guilty of fragrance-related blind buys. I certainly am, anyway!

My most recent adventure in blind buying is Valentino’s Valentina Assoluto. The delicate pink packaging reeled me in. Then I was caught by the promise of an absolute version of Valentina, which I sampled at Nordstrom a few years ago but never really fell for. The price ($79 for the 80 ml size) helped as well. There was no tester in sight, but I snapped up a box anyway and got in line to check out. How bad could it really be?

Luckily, it turns out that Valentina Assoluto is very pretty on the skin and my chemistry seems to work nicely with it. Similar to the original Valentina, the Assoluto is a pretty white floral. This 0ne has a fizzy champagne quality to it, reminiscent of a bellini when the peach note comes through. The white truffle note is noticeable and it adds a dash of playful weirdness to a composition that might otherwise come across as a bit pretty-but-boring.

It now appears that Valentina Assoluto is out of stock on Valentino’s US website. Considering that I bought this for a discounted price at Saks off Fifth, I’m hoping they aren’t phasing this one out. It’s quite pretty, with a bit of interest and depth to truly make it worthwhile.


It looks like Valentina Assoluto is currently available from Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. I purchased my bottle at Saks Off Fifth.

Image taken by me.

6 thoughts on “Blind Buys: Valentina Assoluto

      1. Oh, I do the same thing with bottles…they have a big impact upon whether or not I like a perfume! and I have been known to talk myself into buying something because I really want that bottle! Have you ever seen the Tocca bottles? They are gorgeous to me….hefty fluted glass and the intricately designed cap…..and readily accessible at Sephora which I love….

        1. I love the Tocca bottle design! I’ve heard people comment that the bottles look too old fashioned, but I think it’s a really pretty design. Like you mentioned, I love that the cap is part of the design too. It makes the whole thing feel very elegant to me.

  1. I totally disapprove 🙂 Is it possible that there were absolutely no perfumes on your “to buy” list, which you would rather wear? $79 is a substantial sum – if not to buy a full bottle then at least to save towards it. It ended up well but did you really need this one? Will you enjoy wearing it for the next several years more than you would have enjoyed, let’s say, a 10 ml travel bottle of Portrait of a Lady (I’m sure that those 10 ml would last you for at least half of the time 80 ml of Valentina will)?

    Anyway, enjoy your blind buy: probably it meant to be 🙂

    1. Did I *need* this one? Of course not! I do love it though. It’s the exact type of pretty creamy white floral that I always default to. So, yes, this one instance was quite possibly meant to be!

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