Poivre Electrique by Atelier Cologne


Notes: bitter orange, black pepper, pink pepper, incense, pimento leaf, Turkish rose absolue, myrrh, sandalwood, and cedarwood.

Along with the smell of coffee, the smell of freshly cracked black pepper is one of my favorite smells. There is something so fresh about black pepper. It’s aromatic, but with a touch of bitterness, which makes it interesting. When I saw that Luckyscent now has the new pepper-centric Atelier Cologne fragrance, I knew I had to try it. Poivre Electrique is part of Atelier’s newest collection, the Collection Orient. There are four other scents in this collection. Poivre Electrique is the only one I’ve tried so far (I’d also like to try Tobacco Nuit from this collection).

The first thing of note is that Poivre Electrique is definitely well-named. The opening of this fragrance is certainly electric. It’s an invigorating burst of black pepper. I know that pink pepper is listed in the notes but, to me, this one is all black pepper. Pink pepper comes across as powdery to me and I really don’t get that effect here. The citrus adds to the bitter aromatic quality of black pepper and amplifies it. I can see some people finding this opening a little sneezy, but I personally love it. It’s everything I enjoy about the smell of black pepper.

The opening here is so bright, I figured the black pepper would fade fairly quickly. However, it lingers all the way until the dry down for me. The cedar is the other major note that comes through for me. The deep cedar note really balances out the pepper and gives this composition an anchor. It also blends nicely with the citrus, giving the composition a seductive kind of Italian vineyard/earthy vibe.

The resinous myrrh makes up the bulk of the dry down for me here. The cedar fades and seamlessly blends into the myrrh note. It’s a little bitter for me, a little bit medicinal. It really mirrors the bitterness of the opening, but in a much more subdued way. I actually wish this dry down was a little more potent because I like this stage so much!

This brings me to my only issue with this fragrance, which is that it only last about five hours total on my skin. The black pepper note lasts well through the beginning and middle stages of the composition but, once the myrrh dry down kicks in, it goes from being a skin scent to undetectable very quickly. I don’t mind re-applying a fragrance, especially one that I like so much, but I wish I could squeeze another hour or two out of the wear time here. I might be able to get more longevity when wearing this in warmer weather.

It has to be noted that the Collection Orient fragrances retail for a heftier price than some other options from Atelier Cologne. Poivre Electrique is $130 for 30 mls and $250 for 100 mls. Atelier does offer 2 ml samples on their website, which is convenient. If you’re interested in any of the Collection Orient offerings, I definitely suggest trying a sample either through Atelier or from Luckyscent.


Poivre Electrique is part of the Collection Orient from Atelier Cologne. It’s available directly from Atelier and also from Luckyscent. I personally ordered my sample from Luckyscent.

Both the image and the info on the notes are from Luckyscent.

8 thoughts on “Poivre Electrique by Atelier Cologne

  1. I think I smelled all of perfumes in this collection but I have a very vague recollection because of the unpleasant SA who was there when I was trying them. I ended up spraying on my wrist the one, for which I actually came – Mimosa Indigo, and running away from the SA who thought that arguing with a customer was a good idea: I smelled Emeraude Agar that she forced on me – even though all I wanted to test was the Orient collection; and when I told her that I didn’t like agarwood, she tried to “catch” me on the fact that I previously mentioned that my husband liked Oud Saphir, which also has agarwood (“because “oud” is the same thing…”). I’ll need to revisit the collection soon.

    1. Oh no! I work as an SA now and it’s so important to judge when someone wants to be left alone vs. when they have questions. Whenever I can sense that someone is a serious perfumista, I always leave them to their own devices unless they clearly want to chat.

      What did you think of Mimosa Indigo? (from what you could test of it!)

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