Jasmin de Nuit by The Different Company

jasmin de nuitNotes: Egyptian jasmin, amber, blackcurrant, star anise, spices, cinnamon, cardamom, and sandalwood.

Jasmin de Nuit was originally released in 2005 so it’s not new, but it is new to me. I love a white floral for spring/summer. Anything featuring jasmine or lily of the valley is just fine by me. However, Jasmin de Nuit is different for a jasmine scent, and different even for a floral scent because, well, it doesn’t come across as very floral. It sounds a bit odd, but I’ve grown to like this scent, and I even like it for the warmer spring weather.

Luckyscent lists the spices in Jasmin de Nuit fairly far down the note pyramid, but I find the opening to be mildly spicy and fizzy (from the cardamom). I will note that Fragrantica lists bergamot and mandarin orange in the top notes, which I can definitely sense. The opening here is not distinctly floral. Instead, it’s airy, spicy, and almost tangy. The jasmine appears after a couple of minutes as a soft and almost sweet presence. After the initial opening, the fizzy, tangy aspect calms down and Jasmin de Nuit transforms into a beautifully subdued and smooth blend of jasmine and amber. The amber gives off a soft powdery quality. It stays very close to the skin for me and almost takes on a comfort scent vibe.

At first, I thought the scent would fade away at this point but, luckily, there’s more! The cinnamon makes a return appearance and it’s more intense and long lasting this time around. Jasmin de Nuit kind of teeters on the edge of a gourmand scent at this point, but I find that the jasmine turns it up a notch just before heading into the dry down. Also, the jasmine becomes just a touch indolic at this point, and it’s that hint of dirty floral that keeps the composition from going into full edible gourmand territory. The dry down is even more warm with sandalwood and just a hint of patchouli building off of the amber. The spices and the jasmine settle into a sweet blend, that almost comes across as vanilla but, again, not edible.

Jasmin de Nuit can be deceptively simple at times but it’s actually a really interesting blend. It’s a fragrance that’s named after a white floral, but is determined to come across as everything but floral, and constantly flirts with the gourmand. Logic tells me that this is more of a cold weather fragrance, but there’s something so appealing about wearing the warm jasmine/amber blend in sunny weather. As it wears very close to the skin anyway, I think you can get away with it. It’s probably not an office scent, but I don’t know that it’s explicitly a date scent either. It’s sensual for sure, but also a little bit too weird to be a full-on sexy scent. I’ll just have to use up the rest of my sample to fully figure this one out!


The Different Company is a niche perfume line from France. In the US, samples and full bottles are available from Luckyscent, which is where I got my sample.

The image and info on notes are both from Luckyscent.

5 thoughts on “Jasmin de Nuit by The Different Company

  1. This fragrance sounds fascinating. It does sound like a nice winter scent, but I can see how the amber and dirty floral are right for summer too!

    1. It’s definitely not a boring scent! It probably isn’t great for, like, the height of summer but it has worn really well through springy weather. If you ever want to smell a floral that isn’t *too* floral, this one makes for an interesting choice.

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