Mimosa & Cardamom by Jo Malone

mimosa & cardamomNotes: cardamom, mimosa, and tonka bean.

Each year it seems like there’s an absolute flood of Fall fragrance releases and it can be overwhelming to keep track of them all. But Jo Malone has become a pillar of reliability in this flurry of releases, and I always know it’s officially Fall when I’ve sampled the new Jo Malone. This year’s release is Mimosa & Cardamom, which is a yellow floral. It’s a typical Jo Malone scent in that it’s very wearable, and I think it makes a good addition to their permanent line.

Mimosa & Cardamom opens as a fresh and slightly green floral. The cardamom is subtle to me, but I know it’s there adding to the green feel. It also keeps the mimosa balanced so that the opening isn’t an overly dense floral explosion. At this stage, I think Mimosa & Cardamom makes a great spring/summer fragrance, and I initially questioned releasing this for Fall.

However, this fresh and balanced opening lasts for about an hour on my skin before I detect the tonka bean slowly making its presence felt. This is where it starts to feel more like a Fall scent. The tonka brings out a creamy texture, adding some depth to the composition. I get the impression of rice pudding: milky, lightly spiced, and with some honey mixed in there as well.

Mimosa & Cardamom definitely takes on a gourmand tinge in the middle stages towards the dry down, so that’s something to be aware of if you’re not a gourmand fan. If you’re interested in this fragrance for the mimosa, don’t worry, the yellow floral aspect is definitely still there. The mimosa develops from a more fresh and green beginning to take on a more dense feel. It’s almost as though you can sense the yellow aspect of this floral blooming and becoming more rich.

The dry down is heavy on vanilla to me. There’s still some creamy tonka, but it’s a mainly a sweet vanilla, like vanilla tea with plenty of milk and sugar. As the fragrance fades from my skin, it’s much less of a floral and more of a cozy comfort scent. I get between 5-6 hours of wear time from Mimosa & Cardamom, which is pretty standard for Jo Malone on my skin.

After test-driving (test-sniffing?) this fragrance, I definitely understand its place as a Fall release. It would probably still be great all year around, but the sweet dry down may become too cloying in hot weather. Moreover, Mimosa & Cardamom gives off a nostalgic feel that suits Fall weather. I think it’s the yellow floral, not as bright as a white floral, nor is it as rich or sexy as a rose. There are gourmand elements to this fragrance, but it doesn’t make me literally crave dessert the way some gourmands do. Instead, it puts me in mind of sepia-toned photographs and leaves that have already turned colors. In that way, Mimosa & Cardamom is actually the perfect scent for this time of year.


Mimosa & Cardamom is available in 30 ml and 100 ml bottles. It can be found at Jo Malone as well as at the usual department stores: Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. I was able to get a sample from my local Jo Malone counter.

Both the image and info on notes are directly from Jo Malone.

4 thoughts on “Mimosa & Cardamom by Jo Malone

  1. I was surprised by the timing of this release: in my mind mimosa is strictly spring-y flower (and they would not have had to use artificial mimosa for the stand decoration!). Regardless of that, I liked Mimosa & Cardamom and, most likely, I’ll buy a bottle of it. For the Spring 🙂

    1. I noticed the fake flowers used for the display, ha! I will also wait until spring to see about buying a bottle of this. I came to appreciate Mimosa & Cardamom as a fall release but I still have enough of my sample left to tide me over for now.

    1. I agree. I still have a little bit left of my original sample and, while I really like this release, I’m not feeling the need to make a full purchase. I’m not sure why but it doesn’t feel like a must-buy to me.

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