Capri Forget Me Not by Carthusia

carthusiaNotes: lemon, lime, mandarin orange, mint, fig, eucalyptus, violet, cyclamen, hyacinth, jasmine, davana, peach, and vanilla.

Carthusia is a fragrance house based in Capri and, if you’re lucky enough to be there, they have a few store locations situated around the main town of Capri. All of Carthusia’s scents are devoted to different aspects of the island. I myself have never been, so the Carthusia line offers a fun way to vicariously experience Capri life. In the case of Capri Forget Me Not, the scent is supposed to evoke the bygone era of the late 60s. It’s about remembering Capri, but the Carthusia marketing insists that it works both ways: “Don’t forget Capri, but don’t let Capri forget you either” hence the fragrance name.

The opening of Capri Forget Me Not is like a classic summer scent: a burst of refreshing citrus. This opening isn’t sharp or bracing though. It’s on the quiet side, as though the perfume needs some time to settle into the skin. Things start getting interesting a couple of minutes into wear time when a refreshing mint note comes through. Again, it’s not sharp. This definitely feels subdued for an opening, but it’s a nice change of pace from some modern releases that prefer to knock you off your feet with strong openings. The composition feels very nicely blended already, and it made me really curious about how the rest of the fragrance composition would unfold.

As you probably know by now, I’ve been making an effort to sample fig fragrances during this spring/summer (you’re probably getting tired of reading about them!) As it turns out, the middle stage of Capri Forget Me Not prominently features a jammy fruity fig note. I wasn’t expecting it, and maybe the fig isn’t so prominent on others (or maybe I’m just more attuned to the note than usual) but this has turned out to be another fig perfume for me to explore!

This the point where Capri Forget Me Not truly smells like summer in the Mediterranean. The fruity fig is rounded out with herbaceous greens, like eucalyptus. There are also fresh florals, such as the jasmine note, which also leans green here. I also detect something salty, like a sea breeze, but maybe that’s my imagination getting carried away with the beachy Mediterranean feel.

The dry down here is a nice, spiced vanilla. This is not an overly creamy or gourmand vanilla. There are still some traces of fruit, but the fig and peach notes blend into each other at this point for me, maybe my nose is too fatigued to pick them out separately. The green herbaceous notes have settled down, and the fragrance has a more rich, sultry feel. This is a really delicious dry down, and it brings wear time to right around six hours on me.

I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by Capri Forget Me Not. It’s an incredibly smooth blend. And, for a refreshing summer scent, it has a nice richness in the dry down, which means it will wear nicely into early autumn. Carthusia isn’t widely available in the US but, fortunately for those of us who can’t make it to Capri, Luckyscent does carry it. Capri Forget Me Not is a good fragrance to start with in sampling the Carthusia line, and it’s the perfect way to imagine Capri for those of us who might be summering in less picturesque places.


In the US, Carthusia fragrances are available from Luckyscent, which is where I got my sample.

The image and the list of notes are both from Luckyscent.

2 thoughts on “Capri Forget Me Not by Carthusia

  1. Is this a new bottle design? I think this brand used to have paper labels.
    I’ll try this perfume if I ever come across it somewhere in a store.

    1. As far as I can tell, the different packaging is only for Capri Forget Me Not. It also only comes in the 100 ml size or the travel sprays, but no 50 ml option. I’m not sure why, but I guess they wanted to test out something different for this release.

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