Une Nuit Magnétique by The Different Company


Notes: ginger, bergamot, blueberry, Egyptian jasmine, Turkish rose, tuberose, plum, benzoin, patchouli, amber, musk, and woody notes.

Une Nuit Magnétique could be just one more in a long line of fruity-florals with a patchouli base but, as the brand name implies, this scent is a little different. The specific notes used here make the difference, specifically the blueberry/plum fruit accord. Une Nuit Magnétique was released in spring of 2014. It was composed by Christine Nagel, and it’s the last project she completed just before joining Jean-Claude Ellena at Hermès. I’m glad she had time to compose Une Nuit Magnétique because it’s a fun little treat of a fragrance.

I sense the blueberry note right away in Une Nuit Magnétique’s initial opening. It’s tart and fresh, and buoyed up by a touch of bergamot. I was worried that this opening might have a little too much going on with the ginger, bergamot, and the tart blueberry (plus any lurking aldehydes) but it’s more smooth than anything else. The blueberry develops to be less tart and more of a sweet, ripe fruit. I get the impression of purple-tinged juice even though this fragrance doesn’t actually have a purple hue. In fact, during this opening stage, Une Nuit Magnétique reminds me of a cocktail I once had composed of blueberry juice and champagne. It’s smooth, just a touch sparkling, and good enough to drink.

The florals gradually make themselves known and form the heart of this composition. I have to admit, tuberose doesn’t always agree with my skin chemistry. It comes off a bit waxy to me here, like a crayon. Oddly, it’s not unpleasant, and it’s certainly not the worst experience I’ve had with tuberose. The ginger is actually more apparent to me here at this stage than during the opening. I think that really helps round out the composition and prevents my nose from getting stuck on just tuberose. The jasmine comes off as quite warm and blends nicely with the ginger. The rose is subtle for me, and I suspect that’s due to the seamless blend of the composition.

The patchouli in the dry down here has to be one of the lightest and most subtle patchoulis I’ve encountered. The base is mainly characterized by a warm, sweet amber and the echo of ripe fruit. The plum gives off more of a dense fruity vibe, while still calling back to the tart blueberry of the opening. Une Nuit Magnétique wears lightly on the skin, sort of like a translucent veil, and it remains light even through the dry down. I’ve found this makes it ideal to wear out to eat since it doesn’t overwhelm the food or the surroundings, but is still noticeable.

The slightly tart opening paired with the sweet dry down lends Une Nuit Magnétique a flirtatious character. I’ve already mentioned cocktails once in this write-up, and I think this is a great scent for happy hour or going out for drinks in general. Christine Nagel pitches it perfectly: it’s sweet but not gourmand, breezy and light on the skin yet still noticeable. And this light nature ensures that it doesn’t become sticky-sweet or cloying. It’s a lovely fragrance overall, and that bright blueberry note is the stand-out.


The Different Company is a niche perfume line from France. Full bottles and samples are available from Luckyscent, which is where I got my sample.

The image is from The Different Company, while info on notes is from Fragrantica.

3 thoughts on “Une Nuit Magnétique by The Different Company

  1. Intrigued with that blueberry note…this would be the first time I have heard mention of blueberry in a perfume.

    1. Yes, I think Nuit Magnetique remains the only perfume I’ve tried with a blueberry note. It’s really yummy, I definitely recommend this one!

      1. In researching on strawberry notes I found out that one of my all time favorites, the original Hanae Mori has blueberry as a top note (as well as strawberry)…given that you are also a gourmand fiend you might want to sample that one.

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