Metafora by Fueguia 1833

metafora fragranticaNotes: pink pepper, jasmine, and ginger.

Fueguia 1833 is a niche perfume house based in Argentina. The house was founded by Julian Bedel (the in-house perfumer) and Amalia Amoedo, and they are committed to using ingredients native to South America in their compositions. I stumbled across this brand while browsing around Luckyscent. Metafora stood out to me because of the sparse, yet appealing list of notes. And also simply because I like the name!

Metafora opens with a sparkling pink pepper and ginger accord. The pepper has a nice zing to it, and the ginger practically fizzes off the skin, like pouring ginger ale over ice. Pepper and ginger might sound like spicy notes, but the overall effect here is actually more refreshing than spicy. In fact, this is a fairly unique accord, in that it achieves a refreshing effect without including any of the citrus or green components we might expect. It’s not sharp or bracing either. I do get a lot of projection from it though, so I wouldn’t apply too much at once.

The jasmine note comes to the fore of the composition in gradual stages. At first, it appears as simply a soft white floral, a sort of cushion underneath the fizzy pepper and ginger. As it becomes a stronger presence, jasmine becomes the focus of the composition. This is not an opulent or an indolic jasmine. It’s the anchor of the composition so, by necessity, it’s appealing without being overbearing. The jasmine does have a slight prickly edge to it, but that’s probably due to the way it interacts with the pepper and the ginger.

Since there are so few notes in this composition, it would be ridiculous to talk about it in terms of the typical top note/middle note/base note structure. I wrote about the opening accord but, in fact, this refreshing opening lasts for a good hour on my skin. (With new releases these days, sometimes opening notes fade within five minutes.) This gives the jasmine enough time to become a stable presence. The ginger, in turn, becomes more smooth, and the pepper quiets down. For the rest of wear time, Metafora is a quiet, smooth white floral. It’s a warmer, almost comforting fragrance at this stage. Although, that pepper note still weaves in and out, teasingly recalling that remarkable opening.

Fueguia 1833 seems to run on the pricey side for full bottles, especially for the 100 ml size. I’m not sure about a full bottle of Metafora just yet, but it’s worth trying just to experience that delicious opening. Plus, I have a feeling the pepper/ginger accord is going to do wonders in combating the heat and humidity, so I’ll probably be looking for a sample refill in time for summer. In any case, I’m looking forward to trying more from this unique niche perfume line.

Samples and full bottles of Fueguia 1833 fragrances are available from Luckyscent, which is where I got my sample.

Image and info on notes are both from Fragrantica.

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