The City at Dusk: Cologne du Maghreb

Tauer Cologne du Maghreb BottleNotes: citrus accord, cistus, ambreine, cedarwood, java vetiver oil, bergamot, lemon, neroli, orange blossom, lavender, rosemary, rose absolute, rose essential oil, clary sage.

Cologne du Maghreb is easily one of the most buzzed-about releases for this summer. Originally released in 2011 as a limited edition for the holidays, it sold out. Now Andy Tauer has brought it back for wide release, and he’s done it in the traditional way of cologne-making: using only natural and raw botanical ingredients. To be honest, I was a little bit intimidated to try this one. Would this long list of notes all come together, and would the all-natural approach work with my skin?

The answer is, it worked right away. The opening of Cologne du Maghreb is a bright, crackling citrus medley that fairly jumps off the skin. On me, it pulls very green, like sour limes and tart green apples. It’s refreshingly sharp, and slices like a knife through oppressive summer weather. This hesperidic opening is what you might expect from a cologne, but, after about twenty minutes or so, this fragrance takes a turn for the unexpected.

I thought the lavender here might also bring a sharp, refreshing aspect to the fragrance. Instead, the lavender and vetiver work together to bring an herbal effect, softening the opening, and balancing the composition. Cologne du Maghreb has a grassy feel at this point, like strolling through a park.

The cedarwood creeps in so gradually that I almost didn’t notice it at first – that is, until you can’t help but notice it during the dry down.  The cedar brings a moody aspect to the composition, like dimming the lights after a long day. By this point, the juicy citrus of the opening has receded, and the fragrance has a dry, but warm feel to it. It’s a little darker than I expected for a cologne but, I have to say, I love it. Sensing that first waft of dry cedar is my favorite part of wearing this fragrance.

I took Cologne du Maghreb with me on vacation to New York. Summer in the city is no joke, the heat during the day is relentless. By evening the city is ready for the cooling of hazy dusk, and I found I enjoyed wearing Cologne du Maghreb most at this time of day. It was a good pick-me-up to spritz on before heading out to dinner, and the cedarwood dry down lends a sultriness that’s lightly sexy, but not too overwhelming for this weather.

Although this is a great scent to wear during the summer, I can see it working throughout autumn too because of that appealing hint of dark moodiness in the dry down. Cologne du Maghreb never turns into a full-bodied woody oriental (it’s only a cologne concentration, after all) but it hovers on the edge, and that flirtation is what makes it delicious.

*This write-up is based on a sample generously provided by Jeffrey at Hypoluxe, Tauer Perfumes’ US distributor.

Samples and full bottles of Cologne du Maghreb are available from Luckyscent.

image is from Tauer Perfumes promotional material, and info on notes is from Luckyscent.

9 thoughts on “The City at Dusk: Cologne du Maghreb

  1. I am prejudiced against all-natural perfumes and Cologne du Maghreb just confirmed it: I can’t believe how quickly it disappeared from my skin! All other Tauer’s perfumes usually stay there forever. Scent-wise it is nice so I’ll give it another try: who knows, maybe it was just a bad hair skin day?

    1. I’m sorry, Undina, how disappointing! I know colognes aren’t meant to last as long, but that shouldn’t mean zero staying power. I’ll be honest, I apply a few spritzes of this one, but even one spray is noticeable on me. Fingers crossed that you have better luck if you try it again!

    1. Aww, it sounds like this dry down might not be your favorite thing if cedar isn’t for you. Bummer! But the opening really is lovely. Even if you had the chance to spray this on a tester or something, you might enjoy it that way!

        1. It’s strong on me, but I love cedar so I always look for it to stand out. I will say, Cologne du Maghreb is very well-blended, so who knows? Different notes might be more prominent on you!

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