Byredo; Gypsy Water

Notes: bergamot, lemon, pepper, juniper; incense, pine needles, orris root, amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

At first sniff, Gypsy Water is somewhat similar to Bal d’Afrique. I get that same sensation of fresh baked lemon squares. To me, Gypsy Water is a delicious, but elegant gourmand. The top notes here aren’t all citrus-based, and I quickly sense the spicy pepper. This leads me think that this gourmand isn’t just about dessert, it’s about an entire meal. Ultimately, I get the sense of a kitchen from this fragrance. Gypsy Water is about touches of spice mixed with a fresh green quality (the pine needles). The base of vanilla and sandalwood bring a sense of coziness. This kitchen is a lovely place to spend time, full of warmth and love.

And yet, I’m afraid of being misleading when using words like ‘warmth’ and ‘spicy’ to describe this scent. Gypsy Water is composed with the lightest of touches. The spice is delicate, never overpowering. I’ve described this as a gourmand, but it’s a refreshing gourmand. Don’t worry, this delicacy doesn’t translate to a short wear time. I lamented that Bal d’Afrique didn’t have as much staying power as I would have liked. Gypsy Water does, but it’s subtle.

I recently wore this out to dinner with family. It survived the long family dinner and messing around with little cousins afterwards. As I was walking home, I thought something smells great out here tonight! and even said it out loud. My cousins said they didn’t smell anything. When I got home and still sensed it, I realized that great smell was Gypsy Water, still wafting up from wrist.

By the way, I just realized that Byredo is now offering travel sized refills of their perfumes. The travel set comes as a set of three, and you even choose a leather travel case. It’s a fun and slightly more affordable option. I don’t think I will ever go for one the 100 ml bottles. The price isn’t worth it for me, as I just don’t think I need that much, as delicious as Gypsy Water is. But I am absolutely contemplating the travel set.

Byredo; Gypsy Water $220 for 100 ml // $145 for 50 ml // $110 for three 12 ml travel refills. Byredo is available at Barney’s or at I got my sample from The Perfumed Court.

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2 thoughts on “Byredo; Gypsy Water

  1. Oooh. This sounds lovely. I don’t normally like anything spicy or peppery, but the combination of scents in this sounds lovely. And anything vanilla or sandalwood always appeals to me, so I might have to give this one a try.

    Today, I’m wearing Clinique’s Happy because I need a little boost on a Monday morning and the citrus does just that. What are you wearing today?

    1. Hey! I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to this sooner. I would say Gypsy Water is the spicy fragrance for people not normally into spice. It’s very light and well-balanced! Definitely try a sample from The Perfumed Court if you think it might appeal to you!

      I wore my old stand-by today, Diptyque’s Eau Duelle. It never fails me and I needed something reliable while running around at work. I hope your Monday turned out alright, and that Happy gave you the boost you wanted!

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