Love & Toast; Pomme Poivre

Notes: vanilla orchid, white musk, jasmine, ebony woods

I first came across Love & Toast while browsing for shampoo at Whole Foods. I couldn’t help noticing the brand’s adorable packaging, so cute that it even prompted a discussion about the brand with the cashier at check-out. She suggested I check out Love & Toast’s fragrances, and so I soon found myself hurrying back to Whole Foods not for groceries, but for perfume.

As you can guess by now, anything with ‘poivre’ in the name immediately catches my eye. As it turns out, I wouldn’t say Pomme Poivre is overly piquant, (certainly not comparable to L’Artisan’s Poivre Piquant!) but the musk and ebony add a subtle depth to the composition. There’s a quiet warmth and spiciness to be found here. The jasmine, even though clearly floral, actually does a decent job of mimicking the smell of an apple. There’s a texture here too, it smells tangible somehow. In this way, Pomme Poivre conjures the idea of spiced fruit without directly containing those notes.

The impressive thing is the staying power. Just a couple of test sprays have lasted me throughout some very long and humid days. And don’t get me wrong, despite the tangibility factor, this isn’t a heavy or weighty scent. It’s perfectly appropriate for summer. It’s a linear composition, there is little intrigue here. But it’s lovely, and I even picked up a full bottle for myself. I plan to wear it to work often this summer.

At an inexpensive price point, Love & Toast is worth checking out if you happen to see it in stores. I also use their shampoo, and I’m crazy about their Salt n Sea shower creme. So fresh and delicious!

Love & Toast; Pomme Poivre $28 for 3.4 oz. Available from Whole Foods or online.

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2 thoughts on “Love & Toast; Pomme Poivre

  1. I have seen the Love and Toast perfumes heavily discounted online…I wasn’t aware that they make shampoo too! Always looking for great smelling body products too!

    1. Yes, I love their shampoo and body products! I first found the brand at Whole Foods and now it’s at my regular non-organic grocery store too, so I assume they’re fairly mainstream now.

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