à Paris!



I’ll be in Paris for 6 days coming up this week, and likely will not have time write anything until after I return on May 7th. But of course I’m hoping to return with some new goodies to write about!

I stressed out a bit over what perfumes to bring with me (what is good enough for Paris?!) but this is what I settled on:

  • L’Artisan Parfumer, Timbuktu (full bottle, terrible for traveling to be honest)
  • By Kilian, A Taste of Heaven (Kilian travel bottle)
  • Chanel, Sycomore (sample)
  • Frederic Malle, Angeliques Sous la Pluie (sample)
  • Guerlain, Jicky EDT (5 ml decant)

Too many for only a 6 day trip? Undoubtedly. But I couldn’t live without the options!

Au revoir.

2 thoughts on “à Paris!

    1. Oh, the full bottle was completely impractical, and I did not even use it that often! But since I was planning to check a bag anyway, I thought I might as well throw in one full sized bottle.

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