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Hi, everyone! It’s Sunday again, so I’m back with another weekly round-up of my scents of the day. We’re starting to get some nicer weather but it’s still chilly and overcast at times. I like the Narciso L’Absolu for chilly spring weather because the musk base gives some depth and warmth. Similarly, I think Paris – Venise is good for transitional weather. We’ll see how spring continues to unfold here!

  • Monday: Narciso Rodriguez For Her L’Absolu
  • Tuesday: Chanel No. 5 L’Eau
  • Wednesday: Do Son EDT by Diptyque
  • Thursday: Capri Forget Me Not by Carthusia
  • Friday: Les Eaux de Chanel Paris – Venise
  • Saturday: Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone

What did you all wear this past week?

15 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. I did a massive amount of sampling this week… 25 fragrances….to make up for last week’s groundhog day. Everything is pretty much listed on APJs SOTD thread. Yesterday I was commando until the evening. Then I wore Pour Un Homme. Today I am wearing Tracy Reese from a newly gifted bottle. Love it in the spring!!!

    1. Commando!! Ha, that’s a great way of saying I’m not wearing any fragrance. 😄 I’m not wearing anything right now and it’s refreshing to let my nose reset sometimes.

      25 different fragrances this week? That’s amazing!

      Huh, I’ve never tried the Tracy Reese. I just looked it up on fragrantica and the notes sound lovely!

      1. Tracy Reese reminds me a lot of Antonia’s Flowers which I wore in the early to mid 80s. And ironically during that time I wirkwo for a CPA firm in the garment district and Tracy was one of our clients. If you like freesia and fresh smelling flowers you would love this fragrance.

        1. How cool that Tracy was one of your clients! I think her dresses are quite chic.

          Her EdP sounds just perfect for spring/early summer.

        2. So was Jean Jacques Denier the perfumer who made Must de Cartier… but I may have to already told you that.
          Yes, this spell check is so ridiculous…one of the reasons I prefer the computer over my phone 😉

  2. It’s nice to see two of my favorites in your weekly rotation (Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Paris – Venise).

    This week I finished my decant of Le Labo Vanille 44. I really like it but unless they have 15 ml bottles for it during the month when they sell all exclusives everywhere, I doubt I’ll buy it: it feels a little too expensive for how rarely I want to wear it, even though every time I do I love it .

    1. Yay, I’m writing about Paris – Venise (and Deauville) this week!

      I haven’t tried Vanille 44 myself. Le Labo kind of annoys me with the city exclusives. It’s too much for me to keep track of when all the city exclusives are actually available.

      1. Let Labo annoys me because every time I go into the city I dress casual and the Le Labo SAs completely ignore me every time I have approached the counter at SFA.

        1. I didn’t even notice the typo the first time I read your comment so don’t worry! Spell check is out of control! 😄😂

        2. I’m sorry that has happened to you! I hate that kind of behavior. I made an effort to speak to everyone when I worked at Sephora. You truly can’t judge who might be willing to spend money on fragrance based on appearance.

        3. So true..the leggings and sneaker wearing middle aged woman carrying a backpack could very well be the customer who buys several full size bottles…you never know!

        4. I wear my yoga leggings out, although I try to keep those looks to the grocery store or a pharmacy trip. I have run into Nordstrom wearing them occasionally to pick up one thing. You can’t be judgey!

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