What I Wore This Week

I’m back with my weekly scent round-up here! This week was a bit all over the place, in terms of my activities, the weather, and my scent choices! And I couldn’t quite decide how to photograph this round-up. It’s not my favorite photo, but I do enjoy all of these perfumes.

  • Monday: Nirvana Bourbon by Elizabeth & James
  • Tuesday: Bergamote Soleil by Atelier Cologne
  • Wednesday: Lumière by DSH Perfumes
  • Thursday: Rousse by Serge Lutens
  • Friday: Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie
  • Saturday: Figue Amère by Miller Harris

As usual, I’m at yoga this morning and I plan to test-wear some samples later today.

What did you all wear this week?

11 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. I love these posts and so glad that you are keeping them consistent. Love the photo too! Even if you don’t LOL
    This week I did some testing of two natural brands ( Fum and Boyd’s of Texas) at the onset of the week and I ended the week with Serge Lutens Leau Froide because while it’s office friendly it’s also slightly different. Yesterday and today I did some fragrance combining of various Jobs Malone that ate all over my house in full size bottles, travel size bottles and sample size.
    Hope you enjoyed yoga!!!!

    1. You are so supportive of these posts, Brigitte!! It’s so nice.

      I always love Jo Malone!! I’m learning of so many indie and natural brands due to you. I will have to look into Boyd’s of Texas.

      Yoga was great — and I’m glad I went this morning because it’s hailing and raining out right now, yikes!

      1. Fair warning…the Boyd’s read very masculine on my skin. If you are going to delve into a sampler I would suggest the Fum brand…they are a tiny one woman indie out of California…so beautifully done and really getting a lot of love on other perfume blogs. Plus, they are extrait and get good traction even on my scent devouring skin 🙂

      2. OOPs, left a comment and then it disappeared!
        Fair warning, the Boyd’s read very masculine on my skin. If you are going to dive into a new sampler I highly recommend Fum…they are from a one woman indie perfumer out in California…they are getting a lot of love on the perfume blogs and also are extrait in concentration so they last quite long even on my scent devouring skin.

  2. I’m not familiar with 4 out of your 6 perfumes. Tried the other two (Nirvana & Polly) but wouldn’t probably recognized them if I smelled them again.
    For me that week was my birthday trip, so I almost didn’t test anything but wore my favorites.

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