Collecting Serge Lutens

I was going through my fragrance collection recently and pulled all of my Serge Lutens bottles together for a little round-up. I thought I’d write about the four I currently own and what my thoughts are.


This is the one that really inspired this post because Rousse is one of my all-time favorite scents and I just don’t wear it or talk about it often enough. It always reminds me of February and Valentine’s Day because of the cinnamon note. It’s such a realistic cinnamon red hot candy note. It instantly reminds me of making Valentine’s boxes in grade school and eating Valentine’s Day candy. I want to both wear Rousse all the time and save my bottle forever like a hoarder. I just love it.

Bas de Soie

I believe Bas de Soie is really supposed to be a hyacinth composition, but it’s more iris and galbanum to me. The thing is, I sampled this before making a purchase, so I knew I liked this one. And, while I really enjoy Bas de Soie, when I’m in this kind of mood, I will usually pick Chanel over this. I will wear either No. 19 for the galbanum or Misia for the elegant powdery vibe. I feel like this is a scent in my collection that I need to make more of an effort to wear.

La Religieuse

This is my fool-proof pleasant work wear scent. It’s a very pretty jasmine. It smells like a hotel spa: very calm and like nothing bad could ever happen to you if you surround yourself with this scent. It’s fairly linear on me, but it lasts almost an 8 hour workday. I remember when this was released and it was pretty much panned by everyone because it’s not one of the more interesting SLs. But it definitely has a place in my collection and I get a lot of every day wear out of it. Plus, I love the name. I love anything that’s named after a pastry and Catholic nuns. The name just seems to fit Monsieur Lutens’ humor.

Fille en Aiguilles

I’ve written about Fille en Aiguilles quite a bit over the years. It’s just one of the most lovely scents for the holiday season. The pine needle and incense accord is done in such a unique way. It smells like Christmas, and yet, it’s also elegant. And I’ve been able to wear it in January and February winter weather without feeling like I’m burning a leftover Christmas candle or something like that. It still feels in season because of the refined, contemplative nature of this scent.

The Serge Lutens I’ve finished up is Five O’Clock au Gingembre. I love it and I’ve thought about repurchasing it. The problem is that it fulfills a similar role in my collection as Fille en Aiguilles: a perfect holiday scent. So, it would be a bit redundant in my collection right now.

The other SL I would consider purchasing is Baptême du Feu. It’s a newer release from the house, but it really made an impression on me. I wouldn’t even mind owning it in the new packaging with the new labels! (Which I think are ugly and clunky compared to the older packaging!)

What scents do you guys like from Serge Lutens? Does anyone own any of the bell jars?


I have purchased my Serge Lutens bottles over the years from Barney’s and from Luckyscent.

I took this photo of my bottles all together myself. I love Rousse for the old Palais Royal logo on the label!

6 thoughts on “Collecting Serge Lutens

  1. I love the bird’s eye view of your collection. Those bottles look stunning.. I have samples several Serge over the years but never purchased my own bottle. A good friend recently sent me her Leau Froide which my son stole but I made a decant and am wearing it today.

    1. Thank you! I’d love to post photos of my storage drawers at some point. I have to figure out the lighting for photos though. It’s terrible in my bedroom, which is good for storing my bottles, but bad for photos!

      I’ve tested L’Eau Froide, yumm! That’s so nice that your friend sent you a bottle… and convenient for your son to snag it for himself! 😄

  2. I have a bigger sample of Fille en Aiguilles and would love a bottle. but the 50ml are nowhere to be found and the newer version has 100ml and cost 280Euros, so will probably not happen soon. Tested Fille de Berlin (good but no FB), Dent de Lait and Participe Passe, but don’t need them in my collection,

    1. I forgot that they’ve gone to the 100 ml bottles! And of course they are more expensive. So frustrating.

      I feel the same as you about Dent de Lait and Participe Passé: nothing that sparks a collecting interest. I have not smelled Fille de Berlin though. That one is on my list to sniff!

  3. If you were to ask me whether SL is my favorite brand, I wouldn’t say “Yes” immediately (unlike, let’s say, Amouage, Chanel or Jo Malone), but if I look on my collection of full bottles, it confirms that I do like many of the perfumes. To start, I have 2 bell jars – De Profundis and Boxeuses. Of a smaller bottles, I have Ambre Sultan (though I can’t remember when I wore it last time), Chergui (partial bottle – a gift from a perfumista-friend), Fille en Aiguilles and Gris Clair. I also have and wear several decants but I don’t think I do it often enough to warrant a bottle – but I might change my mind at any moment and snatch one of those older 50 ml bottles of some of them. I remember trying and liking Bas de Soie, but my sample was long gone by the time they started re-packaging, and I didn’t dare to go for a blind buy. But none of the newer perfumes from this brand inspired me enough to seek even samples. It’s kind of sad, I think.

    1. I love this comment and agree with so much of what you’ve said!

      The only recent release that has intrigued me is Baptême du Feu. The Perfumed Court has gotten it in, so I’ll likely order a decant from there rather than buying a bottle.

      I love my SL collection but the whole repackaging and redesign has put me off. It’s really too bad! SL has been one of the great niche houses for so many years.

      I love that you have two of the bell jars! The bell jars still feel special and have the old SL magic for me.

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