Now Sampling: Parfums MDCI

I recently ordered a couple of Parfums MDCI samples from Luckyscent. I had tested Invasion Barbare from this brand ages ago and LOVED it. The price point has kept me away, but I admire Parfum MDCI’s aesthetic, particularly the flacons with the replica bust toppers. I wanted to revisit this house and, hey, there is no harm in sampling, right?

Vêpres Siciliennes

This opens with a yummy candied fruit note that almost reminds me of a Serge Lutens. Some heady white floral notes join in, and we’re off. This is a glorious floral composition that is not for the faint of heart. I always thought that my skin chemistry doesn’t get along with big florals, but I’m glad I tried this because it proves me wrong! This is a glorious jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, and a touch of rose to deepen the floral heart. It’s sumptuous, decadent, and a little over the top. I like the fact that the composition feels balanced though. The citrus fruit notes add a hint of sour zest, which is unexpected, but works well. And there’s a textured musk in the base. Vêpres Siciliennes feels like a fruity/floral the way it should be done.

Pêche Cardinal

The name is a play on words, as it translates to Cardinal Sin, but pêche also means peach. And peach is undoubtedly the star note here. I find this composition very pretty and refined for something named Cardinal Sin. I would expect something a little more wild with a name like that. However, it makes sense when you think of this as a peach fragrance. There is also a milky coconut that melds perfectly with the creamy tuberose heart. There is a plum note to bolster the fruitiness, but peach remains the stand-out. This reminds me of Kilian’s Liaisons Dangereuses, also with a gorgeous peach note. I found that scent more sensual and truly carnal than Pêche Cardinal, which is interesting. Of course, it could just be my nose and my body chemistry. It’s all so subjective!

Turns out, there is some harm in sampling because it’s safe to say that I am head over heels for both of these scents! My tiny splash samples from Luckyscent are rapidly disappearing. I’m adding both to my full bottle want list. I will need to make room — both financially and physically in my collection — and finish a full bottle of something else first.

Both of these scents are well worth sniffing. They both come across as balanced and high quality compositions. They are very “I feel pretty” type of scents for when you’re in that kind of mood.


I ordered both of my Parfums MDCI samples from Luckyscent.

The photo of my samples was taken by me.

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