Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie

Notes: bergamot, green apple, black tea, oakmoss, black amber, and musk. I first came across Vilhelm Parfumerie at Barneys in New York. I had never even read about the house online before. It’s interesting when your first experience is in person without any preconceived ideas about what scents you might enjoy or not. The Sales … More Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie

Now Sampling: Sylvaine Delacourte

  I’ve been wanting to smell Sylvaine Delacourte’s creations for some time now. I debated ordering the sample discovery boxes offered directly on the house’s website over the holidays, but restrained myself. Ms. Delacourte has created two collections: the Vanilla Collection and the Musk Collection. There are five individual scents in each collection, with each … More Now Sampling: Sylvaine Delacourte

Jicky Revisited

I have documented my love for Jicky many times over the years on this blog (here and here) and I like to check back in with my current thoughts on it every now and then. There is something about January and the start of the new year in particular that makes me want to revisit … More Jicky Revisited

What I Wore This Week

Hi everyone! I’m back with my weekly round-up: Monday: Misia EDT Les Exclusifs de Chanel Tuesday: YSL Cinema Wednesday: Costes EDT by Olivia Giacobetti for Hotel Costes Thursday: La Religieuse by Serge Lutens Friday: Tea for Two by L’Artisan Parfumeur Saturday: Chanel No. 19 EDP As for today, I’m just wearing a Bath & Body … More What I Wore This Week

Frost by St. Clair Scents

Notes: bergamot, mandarin yellow and green, coriander, petitgrain sur fleur, Meyer lemon, honeysuckle accord, rose geranium, elderflower absolute, petitgrain absolute, cistus, labdanum absolute, vanilla absolute, vetiver, cedar, smoke, and clove absolute. St. Clair Scents is another independent artisanal fragrance house. I wrote about their newest scent, Casablanca, here. Diane St. Clair has a dairy farm … More Frost by St. Clair Scents

What I Wore This Week

Hi everyone! I’m back with another round-up of what I wore this past week: Monday: Woody Mood by Olfactive Studio Tuesday: Bas de Soie by Serge Lutens Wednesday: Mon Numéro 10 by L’Artisan Parfumeur Thursday: Wood Sage and Sea Salt by Jo Malone Friday: Narciso Poudrée by Narciso Rodriguez Saturday: Nirvana Bourbon by Elizabeth & … More What I Wore This Week

Tauerville Rose Flash

Notes: rose, woody notes, and resins. When I first started this blog way back in 2012 (yes, all the way back in 2012!) Andy Tauer was *the* perfumer to get into. He had all the buzz, and well-deserved. I wasn’t really drawn to the independent perfumery scene at the time though. I wanted to explore … More Tauerville Rose Flash

What I Wore This Week

I’m back with another round-up of what I wore this past week. I came down with a 24-hour stomach bug from Wednesday to Thursday, so you’ll see that Wednesday was the rare day that I did not wear any fragrance. But I’ve recovered well! Sunday: Twilly d’Hermès Monday: Plum Japonais by Tom Ford (Plum Japonais) … More What I Wore This Week